5 Most Popular Flower Girl Bracelets 2016

Your flower girl will remember your wedding day as much you will. After all she has an important role to play, nearly as important as the bride! It gives her a chance to feel special and extra important and most importantly to look like a princess. At the end of the day , that is what she’ll remember. The day she was a princess..

There are many wonderful gifts out there for your flower girl and so many different ideas, its hard to choose from. One of them of course, being jewelry.

At Gemnotic.com we can complete your flower girls look with gorgeous pearls or dainty chains and serve as a special keep sake of your wedding day.

If you have decided on jewelry, then here are the top 5 flower girl bracelets  of 2016.

  1. Personalized, sparkly and flowery, what more can you ask for? The is by far our top seller for 2016. It has everything all in one. It’s personal , its adorable and it says just how important your flower girl is to you. And, its affordable. You can purchase it here Flower Girl BraceletDSCF3075
  2. Go simple. Such a girly little bracelet. Although I believe this is more suitable for younger flower girls, it was our best seller for a few years . You can purchase it here Flower Girl Bracelet 2 DSCF4178   3.  Add a bit of bling. What girl does not like flowers and a little bling? They’ll love that her jewelry will match yours if your on the bling side of things too . Find it here Flower Girl Bracelet 3


4. The ultimate flower girl bracelet. This would be the perfect gift for when you ask her to be your flower girl. Imagine her little face when you give this to her without saying a word, she will just look at it and know, and hopefully say yes! Flower Girl Bracelet 4



5. Last but not least. Since rose gold has been back in fashion for a while now we have been selling these in the rose gold option quite a lot. A simple, stylish, elegant and high quality pearl bracelet that she can wear for years to come thanks to the stretchy cord. In stock here Flower Girl Bracelet 5


So there you have it, the 5 most popular flower girl bracelets of 2016 by gemnotic.com. There are many more options you can go for of course and we hope you make the right choice. But we absolutely are certain, that whichever one you choose , your flower girl will absolutely adore it!

For more options on flower girl bracelets have a look here 


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